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Escher Ball


I've started this, but I never finish anythi

I used to have a large box that my mother affectionately called “Alex’s box of junk”. 

The box might have once contained a new fridge, but during its tenure with me, it housed toilet rolls, plastic packaging of geometric interest, and broken appliances in varying states of disassembly.

In hindsight, this was by definition - a pile of rubbish. But at the time, I remember thinking about that box like pure creative currency. It was a limitless heap of potential. Potential what? I knew exactly what: But this changed daily, or by the hour.

20 years later, I'm holding onto far fewer toilet rolls, but a lot more “boxes of junk”.

This space is an attempt to negate the frustration of never following anything through to completion. It is a celebration and cataloguing of the unfinished, revelling in a process of curiosity and daydreaming, constantly changing, serving nobody, and never to be fi

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